From his humble beginnings in 1989 as creator of "Southern Cumfort Magazine" to today's "Workin' Men Videos", Atlanta's "Buddy" has been scouring the city streets and country roads of the South to bring you the kind of men you just can't find in any other amateur adult movies - raw, rugged, ragged, REAL American Men! Here you'll find Rednecks, Roughnecks, and the Guy Next Door doing their thing - Solo or with a Buddy - just for you!
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Jax - 33:35 - Recently transplanted from Maryland to Atlanta, this pleasant young man (only 19!) is looking to get into the straight adult film industry. In the meantime, he's a construction worker planning to start his own construction company. He says he can do anything but electrical work, which he would sub out. He is 6'-0", and 165#, and says he is a "hard-working American man, personable, and a lover of the outdoors".

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Some info and a WARNING - these videos are VERY amateur, and some date back 20 years! No exotic locations, no orchestrated music, no elaborate sets, no multiple angle fades, etc. etc. Some of the older footage is jerky, choppy and sometimes out of focus (so is some of the new stuff - I GET EXCITED!!!). If you're a purist and expect Hollywood Quality - THEN DON'T SIGN UP!

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Smilin' Jack     

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Smilin' Jack - 23:25 - I've known this fellow for some time and it was great to get him on film. He's a young man trying to find his way and purpose in life. He's in school studying welding, and has a girlfriend of 2 years that he cares a lot for. He has a year to complete his schooling near Athens, GA, and when his girlfriend finishes her education, they will probably head for Atlanta. I wish them both great success!
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Running Length: 34:25

Charles - 34:25 - I'm not sure what to think about this fellow. He's friendly, personable, intelligent, very nice looking, but he seems to have a problem with his self-esteem, and I don't know why. He needs to look at his good qualities and develope some pride in himself. He is 39 y/o, 5'-11", and 250#, and he works in retail and home improvement. Nice guy!
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Running Length: 17:40

Brad - 17:40 - This truck driver from Alabama drove all the way over to my place north of Atlanta just to do this session. I have no idea why, but he brought a buddy with him and I think they are going into Atlanta to "party". He is 43 y/o, 6'-0", and 195# and is a truck driver. Unfortunately, he was a quick shooter - I would like to have gotten more footage of him. Nice fellow, very laid back, open minded - very much a gentleman!
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Running Length: 28:30

David - 28:30 - This handsome devil is originally from Texas, but has made his home here in Georgia for many years. He has been a truck driver for the past 15 years, was married and had 3 children, then divorced, and is now with another lady with whom he has a child. He is 35 y/o, 5'-7", and 145#. Although he is with women most of the time he says he is very open-minded. Hmmmmmm...
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Jeff - 2nd Session     

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Running Length: 26:00

Jeff - 2nd Session - 26:00 - Another look at this handsome young man. He got here after work and I just let him do his thing.

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