From his humble beginnings in 1989 as creator of "Southern Cumfort Magazine" to today's "Workin' Men Videos", Atlanta's "Buddy" has been scouring the city streets and country roads of the South to bring you the kind of men you just can't find in any other amateur adult movies - raw, rugged, ragged, REAL American Men! Here you'll find Rednecks, Roughnecks, and the Guy Next Door doing their thing - Solo or with a Buddy - just for you!
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David - 27:40 - A painter by trade, this friendly gentleman loves to party and hang with his friends. He is 43 y/o, 6'-0", and 175#. Married and divorced twice, he considers himself bisexual and says he now enjoys the company of men to that of women. Nice guy to be around.

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Can't join the site? Wanna watch your favorite men wherever there's a DVD player - including your laptop? Need a great gift for kinky Aunt Ethel? All of my movies are available at my brother site, "Workin' Men Videos" ( More pictures and more detailed information about each man and the movies in which he appears.
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Some info and a WARNING - these videos are VERY amateur, and some date back 20 years! No exotic locations, no orchestrated music, no elaborate sets, no multiple angle fades, etc. etc. Some of the older footage is jerky, choppy and sometimes out of focus (so is some of the new stuff - I GET EXCITED!!!). If you're a purist and expect Hollywood Quality - THEN DON'T SIGN UP!

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Mike - 32:30 - Intelligent, resourceful young man, who is a full-time student and self-employed full time laborer. He is 28 y/o, 6'-1", and 160#, and considers himself bisexual. He is working toward opening his own line of stores that sells music, CD's, DVD's, offers tattoos, haircuts, and many more services, all under one roof. He's very pleasant to be around and says he is always available for bookings and shows, and can be contacted at: He says he loves head and doesn't care who gives it as long as they know what they are doing. Any takers???
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Tony - 31:45 - I happened upon this fellow as I was pulling off of I-75/I-85 in downtown Atlanta. Traffic was heavy and all I had time to do was hand him my business card. Fortunately he called in about 30 minutes and I went back and picked him up. He is 55 y/o, 5'-11, and 160# and makes his living as a carpenter, an artist, and a musician. A Georgia native, he plans to stay here indefinitely. He says he is "looking forward to a life of happiness doing art and music as a way of making a living.
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Shon - 27:45 - This handsome fellow (along with his beautiful wife) are looking to expand their presence in the adult industry and meet new people for fun times. Shon is 41 y/o, 5'-10", and 190# and makes his living as a pipe layer, but and injury has sidelined him for a while. He and his wife have been married for 17 years, and have been swingers for 14 years.
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Pablo - 2nd Session     

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Pablo - 2nd Session - 25:45 - OK - for all of you who have been screaming for more Pablo, here he is! He is such a pleasant fellow to be around, I could shoot him over and over. Enjoy!
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Kelli - 39:55 - This cute little mechanic doesn't live far from me, and took time from his only day off to come and do this session. He is 26 y/o, 5'-10", and 145#, and is a complete doll! Friendly and laid-back, he says he is bisexual, but is mainly straight. He is an aspiring musician - loves to play the "gee-tar", and loves all kinds of music. He would also love to get into the porn industry, so if anyone can use him (but not Abuse him) get in touch with me. Great fellow!

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